Black Zip Lock Bags: Bring Your Favorite Foods To Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be a fun way to show your support for your favorite team, or just have some fun in the sun. But what happens when you forget to bring food? Or what if you don’t want to pack your heavy oven or stove? That’s where black zip lock bags come in. These small, lightweight bags are perfect for bringing your favorite food with you—no need for bulky containers. And not only are they great for packing food, they’re also great for storing small items like keys and sunglasses. So whether you’re on a camping trip or just looking for an easy way to transport food, check out black zip lock bags today! Discover Here

What are Black Zip Lock Bags?

Are you looking for a way to transport your favorite foods without having to worry about them getting ruined? If so, black zip lock bags might be the answer for you! These bags are perfect for transporting food outdoors, as they keep moisture and pests away from your food. Plus, they make it easy to grab a quick bite while on an outing.

To use black zip lock bags for transportation, first make sure that your food is well-packaged. This will help to avoid any leaks or spills during transport. Next, fill each bag half-way with your food items. Then, seal the bag using a ziplock bag sealer. Finally, label each bag with the contents and the date.

If you’re transporting food in bulk, it’s also important to note that black zip lock bags won’t hold up as well as traditional storage containers. Make sure to rotate your food items every few days to ensure that they stay fresh. Additionally, store any perishable items in plastic containers instead of black zip lock bags.

How to Make Black Zip Lock Bags

Hang your favorite foods in zip lock bags to enjoy them outdoors without breaking the bank! These durable bags are a great way to pack food for any event, whether it’s a picnic in the park or an outdoor festival. Plus, they’re easy to carry and perfect for storing small items like snacks.

To make black zip lock bags, you’ll need:
-Zip lock baggies (any color will work)
-Sharp knife or scissors
-Tape measure or ruler
-Paint or marker
1. Cut each zip lock baggie in half along the length of the bag. Make sure that each piece is evenly divided so that the finished product will be even.
2. Paint or marker each half baggie with a different color. Be creative and have fun with this project!
3. Cut a small hole in one end of each half baggie and thread a piece of tape around the edge of the hole. This will help keep the bags together while being transported.
4. To assemble your black zip lock bags, simply attach one half baggie to another by threading the tape around the edges of both holes and sticking it into place.

What Foods Can You Store in a Black Zip Lock Bag?

Black zip lock bags are perfect for storing food items outdoors. These bags can protect food from moisture, insects, and other contaminants. They are also easy to store and transport. Here are some foods that you can store in a black zip lock bag:

-Chips and dip
-Gummy bears
-Ice cream
-Pretzel sticks

Tips for Bringing Your Favorite Foods to Outdoor Events

Bring your favorite foods to outdoor events with these tips from Black Zip Lock Bags.

When packing your picnic basket or cooler, keep in mind the weather conditions. Check the forecast before you head out and pack accordingly. If it’s hot and sunny, bring lots of sunscreen and water; if it’s cold and rainy, bring a blanket or raincoat.

Likewise, think about the food you’ll be enjoying outdoors. Will there be a grill available? If not, is there an area where you can cook over an open fire? Do some research ahead of time to see what’s available in the area where you’re headed. And don’t forget snacks! Some ideas for snacks include trail mix, energy bars, fruit cups, and trail mix bars.

Finally, take along your supplies for cleaning up any food spills: paper towels, napkins, wipes. And last but not least: baggies! Fill them with disposable silverware or plates so everyone can grab a bite without having to carry anything extra.


If you’re an avid camper, hiker, or outdoors person, you know that packing your food and drinks for long-term events can be a pain. Not to mention, if it’s hot out and you don’t have any shade, those cans of soda will quickly turn into soggy garbage. To make things a little easier on yourself and to keep all your favorite foods cool and fresh during outdoor adventures, consider packing some black zip lock bags. Food in a zip lock bag stays fresher for longer than food packed in other containers, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of sustenance during a long day hike or camping trip again.

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