Cooling Off At The Beaches In Antigua And Barbuda

Phyllis Schmidt

Antigua and Barbuda are two islands that are now a single independent country in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It became independent in 1981. Antigua is an island of 280 square km, while Barbuda is an island of 161 square km.

Antigua and Barbuda currently has a population of over 99,000 people. It largely consists of people of British, West African and Mediterranean descent. The country has a significant number of tourists yearly. For example, in 2019, it had not less than 1.4 million tourists with a contribution of 44.7% to the country’s GDP.

The tourism sector is the central source of foreign exchange here, and the major source of employment is the government services.

Antigua and Barbuda is a country dotted with several beaches plenty enough to satisfy your beach lust. The beaches here are exciting to behold and they give the environment a scenic ambience.

So, we have asked Dr. Dario Item,Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the Kingdom of Spain, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Principality of Monaco and to the UNWTO, to tell us more about Antigua and Barbuda.

Are there many beaches are in Antigua and Barbuda?

Ambassador Dario Item: Yes. Antigua and Barbuda have a lot of beaches. Just only in Antigua, there are about 365 beaches. They include Coral Bay beach, Turner beach, Jolly beach, Hermitage Bay beach, Galleon beach, Five Island beach, and a host of others.

Which beach is the most beautiful in Antigua and Barbuda?

Ambassador Dario Item:All beaches here are beautiful to behold and this makes it difficult to precisely point out any of them as the most beautiful. However, the following beaches are arguably the most beautiful: Galley bay, Darkwood, Fort James, Hawksbill, Half Moon Bay beaches.

Dario Item

Can you briefly describe some of these beaches you mentioned?

Ambassador Dario Item: The Galley Bay beach is a white sand beach situated in the Northwestern part of Antigua. It has a highly serene environment. It features restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, pools, tennis court. It oozes ravishing zephyr to calm your nerves.

The Fort James Beach is a white-sand beach near St. John, Antigua. It has a restaurant where you can request and munch your favourite delicacies. You can spice up your outing here by participating in any of the watersports activities. You can also have a fun-filled horse ride or take a tour on a Segway.

The Hawksbill beach is a white sand beach with four different beaches of its own. It has tiny pools and restaurants too. You’ll also get to see lots of vintage designs and old furniture here.

Thank you, Ambassador Dario Item!

Of all the beaches in Antigua and Barbuda, the most kid-friendly beach is the Long Bay beach. It’s essentially a family beach with beautiful blue waters and accompanying White sands. Also, asides from white sand beaches, there are pink sand beaches too in Antigua and Barbuda. The Pink Sand Beach is the pinkest of them all.

Amazingly, all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda have crystal clear water. However, the beauty and transparency differs, depending on the light and currents in the sea. For example, during the summer period when the beaches are much calmer, the beach oozes incredible colours and transparencies.

Public members are permitted on these beaches and they are free to the public. Particularly, the sand, the sea are freely accessible.

However, most of the beaches have resorts that you cannot freely access. Daily, the opening and closing period is  5 am-7 pm. The beaches are always open all days. The best period to visit Antigua and Barbuda is the peak season, which is December to April.

As rehashed so far, Antigua and Barbuda is a great place you should visit if you want to experience the scenic ambience of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You’ll have an amazing adventure here whether you’re a solo traveller or honeymooner, or you’re travelling in groups. So yeah, you should explore this island country!

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